Shir (dustythoughts) wrote in uw,

OK, so. I checked the HFS website for this and read through the recently sent email but couldn't find the information I need (so please, no angry comments).

I am a Dawg Daze Leader, and as such get to move back into the dorms early. The first meeting is on September 20th (Tuesday), so I'm assuming that we get to move in on the 19th. Yes? No? A friend of mine who's also a Dawg Daze Leader said that she's moving in on the 20th, but that doesn't seem right to me.

Related to that, I know that I need to fill out the Early Move-In form on the HFS website, as per the email sent, but the form isn't up on the website yet (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong section). Does anyone know when it'll be posted?

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