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A question to ask while cowering in the corner!

Obviously I've discovered by now that my semester credits are different from UW's quarter credit system...but I was sitting here thinking "oh fabulous, so you just take fewer classes and get the credits done in a shorter amount of time!" Like summer school or something.

With the last post on biochem I'm starting to wonder if I completely pegged it *wrong*. Do not all classes finish in one quarter? Do *none* of them finish in one quarter? Or are there just a bunch of two-parter classes you're supposed to take in sequence (Like, General Chem at my school is two classes, 151 and 152, etc etc) .

I'm just interested in the time. It's difficult to start translating semester credits to quarter credits (but I'm a trooper, I can do it!) but somehow I just can't go from "ok so I'm taking 13 this semester which is 19-20 up there" to "it will take me this many years to complete my degrees". Whoa!

Couple of questions that I'm sure are posted in memories somewhere but as long as I'm writing this, might as well ask (in case any of you are faster):

Full time is considered how many credits? (I'm assuming 18?)

And, I've noticed a couple of people saying that they came in with credits but were admitted as freshmen...what's up with that?

I think that's about it.
Thanks in advance, I hope!
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