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Transfer stuff

I really hope I didn't miss this somehow, I was looking through the memories and couldn't find it anywhere.

So here's my question: I'm starting to get ready to apply for Autumn '06 from an out of state community college (I won't have my AS by then, but I'll only be about 3 classes short - will be transferring with um...*does quick math* about 78 credits, if all goes well) and I've been reading up on the requirements. I'll have them all covered...except they're asking for SAT scores, and I never took the SATs. I never had to, because I went to a tech college right out of high school that had their own assessment system, and then to a community college a few years later who doesn't require them.

Do I have to take the SATs? *gulp* I mean, obviously I will if I have to, I really want to get in, but are they required? Otherwise I think I'm good...I have a 4.0 GPA and a bunch of ECs and...*nervous*

Anybody know?
Thanks in advance.
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