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Introductory POL S Classes

Hi guys - I've checked memories and couldn't find anything...

I've spontaneously decided that I'm interested in POL S (possibly as a major). As some of you may know, three classes must be chosen from: POL S 201, 202, 203, 204, 205 - in order to complete the major. I took AP American Gov and AP Comparative Gov in highschool, and enjoyed the content of both (though I didn't do so hot in those classes...) - I've read through the various Instructor Course Descriptions, but still can't decide which three to choose.  The instructors are (respectively from 201 to 204): Di Stefano, Barreto, Wibbels, and Gill.  In case it's any help, here's the Autumn Q. Time Schedule.

Thanks a lot - please reply if you have any advice at all to offer!  I really want to take fun classes that I can learn a lot from - I don't care about the levels of difficulty (unless a certain prof is ridiculously unreasonable or something). 

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