pony b balm (chinaski) wrote in uw,
pony b balm

Housemates sought at Montlake Shelby house

At the end of August, a few of my housemates are moving out and moving on in life (one to Taiwan, one with a wife). Three rooms will be available in the house. They range from about $350 to $400 depending on the size of the room (there is one small, one mid-size, and one large room with a half-bath).


In Montlake, just across the Montlake bridge, near the UW Medical Center. A few minutes walk to the UW campus, and also very very close to Montlake bus hub, facilitating your commute to many areas.

An older house. The way houses used to be made, with hardwood floors upstairs. It's not a Dwell showpiece, but it's comfortable and special. There's a large living room. My record player is set up there. Do you like records? Come on in.

Not much for a yard, but the arboretum is just down the street.

House comes fully equipped (dishes, sofas). As is standard, furnish only your room.


Moderate cleanliness. Will not inconsiderately leave filthy messes to fester, but won't freak out about a few dirty dishes. Willing to take out trash once in a while.

Preferably smart/hip/arty/somewhat friendly.

Child tolerant. (The housemate who is staying has a child. They are planning to move in the fall season; the child is nice.)

Neither a raging drunk nor a user of hard drugs. Oh, you also don't smoke cigarettes indoors. Thanks in advance.

Noise tolerant, musician ++ :) I *just* got a violin, which I intend to take up. Not everyone wants to hear that from a prospective housemate! But you're special.

Oh yes, if you're a student it would be good. The owner of the house would like students to live here. That makes sense - we're so close to campus. And no, your age doesn't matter, just the other specifications.

Ok, that's more than enough said!! Hopefully someone will be moved to respond. I'll cross-post this soon if now now...
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