Hui (h_u_i_y_u) wrote in uw,

If any of you can do my friend a favor, it will be great~~ Do this survey for her .. i guess it's some kinda of assignment for her class or something.. ne ways, here's the msg she sent me..


I have a HUGE favor to ask: I'm trying to get people with UW Net ID's to fill
out this survey below; It's for my summer communication class. The survey ends
Tuesday night, August 2nd. There are a total of 5 sections (ie. Sports, News,
Movies, etc), and it should take 15-20 minutes. If you could fill it out, I'd
appreciate it VERY much. I know it might seem long; I'm sorry about that.

In order for me to get credit, participants need to fully complete the survey.
When you answer the question: Who told you about this survey and mark my name,
"Gentle Vuong," you'll be completely done. Thanks again! Send me an email if
you have any questions or just want to catch up.


The URL for the survey is (click below):

click here (I hope it works -__-)
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