El Gran Guillermo (willisbigred) wrote in uw,
El Gran Guillermo

Here's what I'm offering

I have a few things for French and Italian 200 level classes (which it pains me to think that i'll never use again) including the Da Capo (italian) 5th Edition Lab Manual, and A World Langauges cd set for En Bonne Forme (all CDs 1-11.. French). Both are in great shape (showing I never did my homework...), if anyone wants them, I think I can part with them for free. You won't get them til the school year starts, but if you want to request them now, the first person to email me with a decent story, that is actually taking the class, gets them. I'll have some Spanish stuff for the 300 as soon as I finish with it.
Name's Will.
I might have some more stuff... if I can't sell back the two textbooks I mean :-P.
Thanks for taking them off my hands
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