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Style Swap Tomorrow //website meeting monday♬♬

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★ What is a FRUiTs Style Swap?
fans of japanese street fashion [or just street fashion in general] come togehter and bring kawaii [kawaii means cute in japanse] chothes they dont want anymore and trade with others. Lolitas, Cosplayers and cosplay are welcome too! All people of all different styles are welcome! The more the merrier ^____________^ ♡

★ Where will this take place?
UW quad, its outdoors by lots of pretty trees and plenty of shade n__n

★ When?
Friday July 15,2005

★ Okay...so what should i bring?
Shoes, assessories [bags, patches], pants, skirts, shirts, chii ears, cat ears, whatever you can wear~!

★ Can i sell my stuff too?
sure, but if you are, please make your items under 10 dollars. The point of a style swap is to trade, not to sell.

★ Do you just focus on Decora style?
Nope! Lolita, GAL, hip-hop, garauge, all styles are welcome! In the book FRUiTS that we all know and love show many different of styles!

☆☆also, you can bring snacks if you want this is not a formal picnic and bring a camra for a photoshoot! ☆☆

hope to see you there Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also there is a website meeting THIS monday. If you would like to help out with the NW street fashion website please come to the meeting!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNext website meeting will be Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Date: July 18 Monday

Time: 3:30pm

Place: Yunnie Bubble tea
4511 University Way NE.

I need designers, people who know html, and people with fresh ideas [can be ANYTHING, or come just to get inspired!].

At this meeting we will discuss layout and page ideas. As well finding a website host and thinking up a name for the site.

It wont go into drastic detail, but enough to get an idea how the site is going to be like. Bring a pen and a notebook so we can put our ideas on to paper Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sorry its so much, i just wanted to put it out there.

Hope to see you guys at the style swap tomorrow and the website meeting on monday :D

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