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Seattle FRUiTs Style swap4 ♬ [[reminder]] in 2 weeks!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


★ What is a FRUiTs Style Swap?
fans of japanese street fashion [or just street fashion in general] come togehter and bring kawaii [kawaii means cute in japanse] chothes they dont want anymore and trade with others. Lolitas, Cosplayers and cosplay are welcome too! All people of all different styles are welcome! The more the merrier ^____________^ ♡

★ Where will this take place?
UW quad, its outdoors by lots of pretty trees and plenty of shade n__n

★ When?
Friday July 15,2005

★ Okay...so what should i bring?
Shoes, assessories [bags, patches], pants, skirts, shirts, chii ears, cat ears, whatever you can wear~!

★ Can i sell my stuff too?
sure, but if you are, please make your items under 10 dollars. The point of a style swap is to trade, not to sell.

★ Do you just focus on Decora style?
Nope! Lolita, GAL, hip-hop, garage, all styles are welcome! In the book FRUiTS that we all know and love show many different of styles!

☆☆also, you can bring snacks if you want this is not a formal picnic and bring a camra for a photoshoot! ☆☆

hope to see you there Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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