Carolyn (_perfumed) wrote in uw,

housing advice

Hi everyone-

i just made a decision to move off campus for this coming school year and was wondering if i could get some advice for looking for housing.

i've been all over craigslist as i know thats usually the first/best place to look. i'm considering either a studio in the u district or shared housing. since i've been so close with all my friends for the past few years, i think moving into a studio would be really lonely- not to mention expensive and scary at times.

I was wondering if any of you have experience moving into shared housing without knowing anyone. I think if I move in with the right group of girls, next year could be a fabulous experience. I would appreciate advice on where to look/ what to ask and when to start looking for a place for the fall. Or I guess any other advice you can give me. Most of my friends already have established living plans for next year and I guess its fairly late to just start looking-

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