Delicious (feralcat21) wrote in uw,

computer question

I'm going to be a new grad student in September and I'm buying a new laptop to bring to Seattle with me. I've recently developed a crush on an iBook, but I'm worried that there might be compatability issues. Everyone I've talked to has been head over heels for their Mac, and I really do think I want to buy one, but it feels weird to bring one to Microsoft's hometown. Can anyone offer advice/personal experience/complaints about computing at UW? Info on site licenses, etc. would be nice- I checked the UW computing page but I'd like to see how some actual students feel about it. I'll be a neurobiology student if that makes any difference (e.g. I need to run Matlab and some other stuff, but I also can use lab computers for big number-crunching jobs).

Edit: I don't think I can afford a Powerbook right now; also, I know Dells are cheaper but I've had a Dell desktop for four years and I hate it. It's a clunker, and it crashes constantly.
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