<3 (concealed_) wrote in uw,

very casual/unprofessional email

i applied to UW to be an incoming freshman, but got waitlisted (which completely devistated me at the time because i was hardcore #1 UW all the way and i had higher scores/stats than some of my friends who got in... but i've found that i quickly got over it) and decided to stay on the waitlist.

so my point is, besides the application process i'm not too familiar with how they, well, run things there. so i checked my email today and got an email from some girl named "cassie giles" notifying me that they are completely full next year, but to reply and let her if i still wanted to stay on the waitlist. it was completely casual, which i found odd. and i have no idea who "cassie" even is - as in what her status is at the school because the email was signed phillip the "director of admissions". so i was just wondering if UW often runs things like this - such as emailing what i would think to be important emails and notifications through like secretary emails (or whoever the hell cassie is) and completely confusing students with who's really emailing them ? just curious.
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