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Quick Question.

I'm going to be a freshmen at UW, and just got done with my Summer Advising Session and left the campus even more confused then when I first arrived, when dealing with registration issues.

All I know is that I e-mailed the people at FIGS requesting a Residential FIG for my first quarter that came with a package of classes. That puts me at 12 credits, but is that going to be too little of credits? Shouldn't I need 15 in order to not be behind everyone else?

Some people have suggested I take a 3 credit class, but I don't even know what to take, or look for, for that matter. Everything is so confusing and I don't want to be lost when classes finally begin in the fall.

In case it matters, I plan to major in Communications/Journalism and The Comparative History of Idea's. And so, the FIG I signed up for has some basic Intro Communication classes along with some English and whatever else.

Can anyone help? And Thanks in advance :)
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