Her Sunshine Child (rocza) wrote in uw,
Her Sunshine Child

Diversity Monument

I know there was some question of just what the art between Suzz and Mary Gates is supposed to be - "diversity monument" didn't really tell anyone anything about it. (Which, really, if you think about it, is a pity - there was the perfect chance to educate people about the project as they were building it. But I digress...) Anyhow, the PI did a piece on it this morning, and I thought I'd share. Apologies if this showed up in an answer to the question a while back, as I missed it.

Titled "Blocked Out," the sculpture -- unveiled 12 days ago during commencement weekend -- is dedicated to people who have suffered from oppression. It features footprints in black granite, symbolizing a slave auction block, facing a curling stone bench. Das Gupta, a biochemistry major, and Gardner, both 22, also inspired the installation of $80,000 worth of art by artists of color in Kane Hall. The money came from the Washington State Arts Commission.
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