hi, mitcho! (the_real_praank) wrote in uw,
hi, mitcho!

Planet Q: An all ages dance party to celebrate PRIDE

Pride Sunday, MPowerment presents an out of this world event for Seattle’s queer youth population: Planet Q. Neighbours Underground is transplanted into a different universe, where nothing is quite what it seems. Everyone is invited. The doors will open at 6pm; get there early, the first 200 people in are free, and stay late dancing to the hottest dance music with DJ Kyler spinning until 10pm. Seattle’s sexiest drag queens will be performing every hour. Planet Q is the only underage dance party Pride Sunday, so after spending the day at Volunteer Park, head over to Neighbours Underground and continue the celebration!

*pass this on to other queer youth you may know!!! I mean, it's Neighbours for FREE...
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