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Is there some sort of freshman sickness? I've been on campus for the past three days, starting dorm life with this Summer Quarter, and I have been nauseous and felt like I've swallowed a ball bearing for the past two. My twin brother is feeling pretty similar. Does this happen to a lot of incomings, is it just me being dumb? It's not emotional, I think I'm feeling pretty happy and excited to be here and until this whole thing set on I was really enjoying myself, and I'm not homesick or anything. It's just making me miserable. Suggestions?

Stemming from that, my headaches have been worse, I think I'm not getting enough water. Anyone have suggestions on where to buy like, gallon jugs of distilled/purified/filtered water, or where to get a Brita/Pür-type filter (in pitcher form) around UW?
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