finatronics (finatronics) wrote in uw,


Hello, forgive me if this is completely not-allowed... Someone suggested I post a message here before buying a regular monthly bus pass. I did a quick search through the past messages and read the community rules and didn't see anything related. Does anyone have a summer 05 U-Pass sticker they don't want and don't want to deal with returning it for a refund? I'd be happy to pay the refund amount and I'll meet you on or near campus at your convenience... The alternative, which is kinda silly, is for me to register for a class, drop it, then keep the U-Pass at the high price... They actually mention that tactic on the UW U-Pass site as the only possibility for people summer-breaking. Seems stupid they won't just let us summer-breaking students buy a pass at the full price without registering! But, if I have to do that, I just might.

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