make_me_laugh_ (make_me_laugh_) wrote in uw,

I'm wondering if someone could help answer my questions...

I intend to be a Psych major. I am taking Psych 202 now for summer, which will complete my prereqs and I'll be able to apply next Fall into the major. Now my question is this: If we take some of the classes that are required for the Psych major at a community college, does that count toward the major? Or do they all need to be completed at UW? What about even though the name of the class is the same, the class number obviously will not. For example say I need to take some Psych 300-level class, but it's only a 200- level at a cc - what happens in that instance?

I'm hoping someone has had some experience with this and had to deal with it, specifically within the Psych dept. Although any info is appreciated. Thank you very much =)
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