Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

anyone?? Summer qtr and the IMA

OK, I'm just a tad confused in regards to summer qtr and the IMA. I should know, but I dont.. My situation: I'll be starting work again at the Hutch pool June 20 (start of summer qtr), but I won't be a student during summer qtr. Since I am an employee, do I still need to buy an IMA summer qtr membership in order to use the facility?? Also, Summer qtr doesn't *technically* start til June 20? So technically this is still the end of spring qtr, right? Which means that I can still use my spring qtr enrollment to go to the IMA at least til June 20, but can I use my UPASS all through the month of June or just until June 20...?? thnx! I've got my own ideas, but just wanted to throw this out there
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