Cityish Alt-ish Fortyish (verlaine) wrote in uw,
Cityish Alt-ish Fortyish

Awesome U-District Room To Rent

Hi there - some of you may get a strange sense of deja vu on reading this announcement, as one very similar to it was posted on seattle only a couple of months ago (and it's crossposted there again now). I moved into the room and had a great time with my fantastic housemates, but I was only here on a working holiday from the UK and it's almost time to move on. So, without further ado, the only slightly doctored ad once again:

If you're like me, and I know I am, you want to live with cool people.
Now with a once in a lifetime special opportunity you too can live with
cool people, like me. We are three guys, four girls, looking for one
more. Living with us will make you successful, more attractive,
funnier, sexier, and happier. This once in a lifetime opportunity will
only cost you 395 a month (which includes ALL utilities,
because we are crazy).

But wait! That's not all, included in this deal is a wonderful motley
crew of roommates including: writers, musicans, students, several cute
and furry rats, wage slaves, non-profit warriors, bikers, freaks, geeks, and
nerds. If you're any of these things, or just an approximate twentysomething
who doesn't hate video games, you might just fit right in.

And you can be assured, that unlike OTHER rooms for rent, we can
guarantee that our house will always include a washer/dryer, a kitchen,
a roof, TWO bathrooms, a porch (with required couch), parking, cable
internet, cable television, running water, free soap, and floors.

The room even has its own partial bathroom, for your private use!

We are close to UW on 52nd and 11th, seriously close to Scarecrow (so
you can be lazy), and even more seriously close to that stop sign at
the end of the block, and we can even name two movies that Yahoo
Serious was in, seriously. At least 4 grocery stores are within walking
distance...but of course everything is walking distance, if you have
the time.



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