S (sus7) wrote in uw,

greek life, woot

Hi. I want to be a live-out member of a sorority. I have a single in Hansee that I'm assigned to all summer and through at least next year, and it is so sweet I refuse to give it up. I'd also like to be a sorority member. I've lived in the dorms and dealt with all kinds of people all year, and I don't see a difference between dormies and greek people. I get pretty annoyed with both, and I've had good experiences with both, too. This community is decidedly anti-greek, which makes me sad. Go ahead and strengthen the stereotypes, guys. You really sound intelligent spouting off about "sorostitutes" and "stupid greeks" and blah blah blah. But can anyone else point me to where I might find information on live-outs? I've visited and searched the panhellenic site, and I've talked to a handful of greek girls, and it hasn't brought me much progress :/
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