Spoil me Rotton (prospectivebum) wrote in uw,
Spoil me Rotton

Support Cheerleaders, go to Wild Waves

Hi, I'm on an All-Star College cheer squad with a bunch of girls from here at the UW and we're doing a little fundraiser right now through Wild Waves!

If you want to get into Wild Waves for $14.99 on June 18th ($17.00 savings) just go to this website Wild Waves and order tickets with this promotion code: CFC46

Anything helps, we are fundraising for a spring floor right now and for uniforms, nationals, entry fees etc.

Also, if anyone is interested in learning more about us our website is: Action Cheer

Lastly, anyone who is interested in being on a competitive cheer squad, but didn't have the time to be on UW cheer, we are having open practices this summer starting June 20 and tryouts in October.
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