Carla (souzaqueen) wrote in uw,

Looking for a place to live this summer?

The Apartment:
· Four bedrooms, one of which is used currently for storage. You would get the largest.
· Two bathrooms, with extra sinks outside of bathroom (hotel-room style)
· 1.5 butt kitchen with toaster, microwave, George Foreman, and the big appliances.
· Ginormous covered balcony (It’s freaking huge). Ideal for sunbathing in private, studying, talking to people during a summer party, spitting off of, etc.
· Dining area, living room and entry space are all the same big space, as shared with the kitchen
· Small pantry space
· Cable internet
· 3rd floor, so you are up above the riff-raff of the street
· Faces west towards an alley for less road noise, and the houses across the alley are empty so you can walk around naked with windows open and no one will see.
· Building is secure.
· Laundry on site, and a little weight room, if you are so inclined.
· Garage parking available, but I don’t know how much it costs.
· Located at 50th & Brooklyn. Within spitting distance of Safeway, JackITBox and Walgreens. 1 Block from the Ave. Blocks from Dante’s, the Immigrant, parks, and other funtime things.

The People:
· I am female, 22, and about to graduate from UW. I will be working during the summer, and spending a lot of time with my boyfriend at his place. You probably won’t see me much. I enjoy South Park, baking, and amusing videos on the internet.
· The guy is 22, and works full-time up north. He digs cinema. He describes himself as ruthless, coldblooded and sarcastic, but none of its true. He likes Harry Potter.
· The other female is about my age (I don’t really know…) and is the significant other of abovementioned male. She works locally full time and is fairly quiet. She likes health food and houses made from recycled materials.

The room is available immediately. Rent is $950/month, plus cable, electricity and phone. (4 ppl = $238 each). If you move halfway through June, its only half the month’s rent. It’s a steal! The lease goes through August.

No drugs, smoking, or pot. No cats or dogs. Shirt and shoes optional. Good wholesome fun OK. Drinking, OK. Studious summer students are OK too. Night or day people are fine with us. We are very chill and accomodating.

Drop me an email: cjgeyer at you dot washington dot edu.
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