Karl Smith (kazzman) wrote in uw,
Karl Smith

ASUW Book Exchange

I'm excited to let everyone know that the ASUW Book Exchange is now officially up and running!

Check it out at books.asuw.org!

You'll need to log in with you UWNetID, fill out some basic contact information and you're set to go.


  • Sell your books to/buy your books from other UW students
  • See the UW Bookstore price (new and used), Amazon.com price (new and used), and the prices asked by your fellow students
  • Search for books by your class's SLN number!
  • See if the books you're selling are required for any classes

    Get more for your books than you would from the Bookstore while still buying for less than at the bookstore. Check it out! Also, send any feedback to asuwtech@u.washington.edu
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