That girl is poison (onesillymonkey) wrote in uw,
That girl is poison

Looking for a sublet for the summer??

We have one room in our spacious two bedroom apt. available June 23 (at the latest) through August 31. You'll have your own room and live with 2 girls. $350/month. The apt. is located on 42nd between 11th and 12th Ave.

Hardwood floors, dishwasher, laundry downstairs, short walk to campus and major bus stops (#66, #70-74). Utilities are cheap ($15/mo) and we have Cable Internet ($15/mo).

We are looking for someone quick, so we're willing to negotiate rent/utilities.

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BTW, hope everyone is doing well with finals/papers and the like!! I'll be hosting all night party in OUGL if anyone wants to come! ;)

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