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I have a technical question to ask,
I am currently the webmaster of my club and I am having some problems with some access right to a CGI script on the website. I was wondering where could I get some help to fix it up? I know the Computer science department would be an answer, but what would be preferable is if anybody could refer me to a person with some sort of admin rights over the servers.

Recently the dowdawgs and the UFA merged, and we moved the UFA website at the dowdawgs adress. All the links work and everything, the only problem I have is with the calendar on the website :
When I want to add an event I just have the person with the current admin right log on and edit the event. But now they are getting this error message:

"Server Error
The server encountered an error attempting to retrieve the requested resource. Please notify the owner of the problem.
Error notes: Premature end of script headers: /dw14/d79/dowdawgs/cgi-bin/calendar2/addevent/addevent.cgi"

The file with the admin right is .htaccess and there login name is on it, and back when the website was at the old adress they could log on to it. I changed most of the cgi and made sure that all the links linek to the new adress, it looks like I need to do something that I do not have the power to do.

I dunno where the old webmaster for this website is and therefor am kinda lost :-p

so HELP please, and the dowdawgs will be very grateful :-p

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