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skipping a week of class?

I'm planning a trip to Europe with a friend that would go from Dec. 26th to Jan. 9th. I was checking myUW and it looks like classes start Jan. 3rd. If I missed six days (two of which are the weekend, anyway), would it be a real drag for me or does it depend on the class(es)? And would profs most likely let me arrange something with them if I emailed them a month in advance about the problem (we can't reschedule so it's either this or don't go)? Has anyone missed a week or so for personal vacations and had problems?

I'm basically assuming it wouldn't be too big of a deal and that it'd work out, but that could be just because I'm deadset on going to Europe and being in Paris for New Year's.

Thanks in advance. I checked memories but didn't find anything and, since I'm an incoming freshman, I don't really have anyone to ask yet. As for why I'm asking so early, we're trying to buy the tickets really soon so they cost significantly less.
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