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I am moving and I have some stuff for sale if anyone is interested
Below is a list of stuff I have
Sofa $20 and you have to come and get it and take it away
Cheap dvd player $10
Electric Grill (practically new) $5
A Bunch of Track Jackets and Hooded Sweat Shirts.
$6 Small-Medium Polo Hooded Sweat Shirt
$3 Small - American Eagle hooded Sweat Shirt
$10 Small - Nintendo Power Track Jacket
$3 Small - Early November Track Jacket
$8 Medium - Drive-Thru Records hooded sweat shirt
$3 Small - Gap Track Jacket
$3 Large - Drive-Thru Records hooded sweat shirt
$1 some t-shirts (some small some medium)
$3 Jeans size 32-32
If your interested in seeing any of these things please
email me at

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