Brandon (blubuster) wrote in uw,

Survey for Residence Hall Students

Hello. There is an important decision coming up that will affect Residence Hall students next year. Husky TV (the TV programming in the Res. Halls) will be losing Fox Sports coverage of all local games (Mariners, Sonics, and Husky games). HFS is looking into picking up the local Fox Sports Northwest feed which should give us even more coverage than we currently have, but this will cost an additional $1 per drop (each feed to a TV is a drop). The total equates to around a $30,000 increase in expenses next year, which is too much for HFS to absorb. So, to pick up the new feed, other channel packages need to be dropped. RHSA has been charged with eliciting student opinion to determine which combination of packages that gets as close to a dollar without going over would be best to drop. If you are a current Res. Hall student (sorry for incoming freshman), please visit the following link and take the survey. We need you to take it before tomorrow afternoon so we can discuss the results at our last business meeting tomorrow at 4 pm. Hall Councils (those that meet on Monday anyway) will be discussing this today, so I encourage you to find out when/where your hall council meets, and attending so that you can have your opinion heard there as well.
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