Der Sechsmilliondeutschmarkmann (vaultdweller) wrote in uw,
Der Sechsmilliondeutschmarkmann

The anti-capping movement...

Well, I woke up this morning and what greeted me but none other than a swarm of KaZaA-themed graffiti 'decorating' the Quad. And, as I walked to Suzzallo to write this, I saw that it had covered Red Square, too. Despite the fact that I'm a major proponent of the file-sharing community and P2P in general, I can't help but think that the UW is justified to cap our file-sharing bandwidth (while not touching our normal bandwidth), since if file-swapping goes about unchecked, it can wreak even more havoc on the UW's connection (even more than the legions (not really) of gamers that live in the dorms). Any other thoughts on this, or am I just rambling?
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