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In The Stranger...

wow... I couldn't help but share this with you all...

The Young and the Godly

the last paragraph:
This new form of aggressive Christianity is predicated fundamentally on the idea that reason is a dead end, and that justification comes by faith alone. Monday evening, as a light rain falls on Red Square, and about 50 young people pray, I press James Hua on Shakina's social agenda. "Jesus loves everybody," he says when I ask him what he thinks of gays. "Our goal is to love people, we're not condemning people. However, that's not how God made people," he says.

I can't help but ask these questions:

am I losing my mind or is he and this program extremely hypocritical?

why the hell are you in school if reason is a dead end?

So... apparently God "made people" to tell other people how to live their lives the natural and perfect heterosexual form?

I recommend that Shakira should start new programs on halting masturbation and a ex-gay ministry to be congruent with their idea of what a godly message is.

has this guy ever even taken a human sexuality class?

jimmity christmas!
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