Ari (adularia) wrote in uw,

Shakina SPAM!

Wow. As if they weren't rabid enough, I've started getting Shakina spam, but AFTER the event:

Subject: help


You've received this email because Shakina wants to invite you to join Shakina 2005, an exciting ministry event!
People from every walk of life are welcome to attend this incredible event on May 20, 2005.

The event will take place in the evening, 6pm, in Red Square, at the University of Washington Seattle campus, and will
include worship, led by King's Fools, a message, a prayer/response time and much more! We are expecting God’s
glory to fall on all men, women, and children alike, as many will come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ that
day, and many others will rededicate their lives to the Lord.

Additional comments from Shakina:

For more information about this ground-breaking event, please visit our website:

We hope to see you there!
Shakina Staff

Was sent to my Gmail account, which I can only assume was harvested from my LJ user info via uw since it isn't in the student directory.

Vandalizing other people's cars.. spamming students.. accusing others of devil worship.. creating a noise disturbance to be heard a mile away... ok, there's free speech, and then there's truly obnoxious "recruiting" which is unacceptable. Not even the LaRouchians spam me. Anyone else interested in bringing their pranks to UW's attention?

At the risk of seeming too hotheaded or biased, I am pretty damn tolerant of campus groups, even those whose political/religious message I disagree with. That is to be expected. I don't have to like 'em. However, I am NOT tolerant of a campus group willing to sink as low as the "All n4tural rX For Longer Stronger.. FOR JESUS" type of advertising.
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