Machmed (machmed) wrote in uw,

Math for communications majors?


I plan on transferring into UW's communications program and I'm curious as to what math would be best for that major. I'm stuck between the choices of two different classes at my community college: Principles of mathematics--a course described primarily for "students who do not plan to take more mathematics" and "liberal art" majors; and Descriptive Statistics--a two-part statistics course.

Does anyone, by chance, know which class would be better for a Communications major? From what I know of the major, I would assume the statistics courses would be appropriate, but I'm not completely familiar with the math requisites of the major as a whole.

(Oh, and I did try calling UW's communications office directly, but I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. If all else fails, does anyone know what number to call about this sort of question?)

Thanks in advance!
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