Carolynna (siesta_eterna) wrote in uw,

Hey fellow UW-ers!
I thought I'd post here about a job opportunity for anyone in psych or social work (or any major really). I graduated from the UW last year in Psychology and know how hard it is to find a job that provides real hands on experience. The place I'm at right now is currently hiring for resident companions. It's a year long commitment at a super nice house. You'd live with 3 other companions, and 4 residents. The residents are referred to us by the fine people at the Harborview inpatient psych ward. It's a wonderful experience, and on top of that you get room and board, great health insurance, and a stipend! Many companions volunteer somewhere else, have a part time job, or attend school as well.

I'm one of the companions here, not the manager or the one doing the hiring. But, I figured I'd post here about the position, since I know the administrative people don't frequent this, or any, LJ community ;)

If you're interested, visit

or reply to this message and I can give you more info!


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